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Ancient Egypt, Luxor, Aswan
- Worked and Lived there - Obsession

I was 6 months old first time that I was in an airplane... don't remember much ;)

- All Pictures are taken by me.

i Love To Travel !

Viva La Egypt !

Ancient Egypt


Our family went to Egypt in 1999, and a couple of months after coming home, I went back to work and live there.

Since 1999 I have traveled a lot between Egypt and Denmark, Both such great places for each their own things. But nothing on earth beats a 4000 years old culture ;)

Morocco, Agadir, Belfarr
- Family

Viva La Morroco !

Amazigh Tribal People

My father is from Morocco, and we used to travel there a lot. 

Especially in my childhood, I am so thankful for having been able to spend a lot of time there growing up.

Copenhagen, Denmark
- Born and Raised - Family

Viva La Denmark !


Denmark is where I was born and raised, and I am also thankful for that. This country has giving me opportunities which so many other countries keep from their people. But it is a hard place on the emotions..

The content of this page ranges from Travel to E-books and from Art Works to Poetry collections.

Please to feel free to look around. As you can see I write a lot, mostly about ancient history.