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07. October 2013
And thank you for stopping by! I suggest that you take a quick look around. I am interested in a lot of subjects, as you will soon notice :)

Photo: Karima Lachtane aka WindBlowerTM

This is my portfolio page, where you can get some clue as to what I like to work with. I hope you like it here, and remember you are always welcome to come back :)



  • Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
    This is a blog that goes extensively into mysteries behind the ancient Egyptian culture.
  • The History of Astrology
    I love ancient Astronomy, which is best described under the title ancient Astrology.
  • Gallery Journal
    A place for my creative impulses. Where you can see more of my Graphical work.
  • Abydos Temple
    This is the site that I created for my NEW eBook called "The Temple of a Million Years, Where Death Dwells".
  • Free Blogger Templates
    A Blog for the Blogger that is looking for a new Design to attract more readers.

News & Updates



small changes made to the website layout.



New Updates on my Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Blog



And the year wheel turned again, 37 year Birthday.

Exclusive Offer

I will design a Professional and Unique eBook Cover for $5
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The content of this page ranges from Travel to E-books and from Art Works to Poetry collections.

Please to feel free to look around. As you can see I write a lot, mostly about ancient history.