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Welcome My Sweet Friend,  

My name is Karima Lachtane, and my normal nickname on the internet is WindBlower. 

One of the hardest things for me to do, is to talk about myself. I normally think, who would ever want to know anything about little old me?... 

Anyway... I saw that it had been a couple of years, since I had been at my site here... Ups... *lol So I thought I update the look and content, to function more like a portfolio of some sort.

umm... yes I mostly create and make my own websites or blogs, I have always been looking at codes in one way or the other.. I am not an Expert but  I must also admit, that I am a computer Geek, a very unusual one...

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T: (+45) 22.43.

W: http://www.mysteriesofancientegypt.com/
E:  windy @mail.dk

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Karima L

*No Words...

Karima Lachtane


*Working in Egypt

*Working in Egypt

The content of this page ranges from Travel to E-books and from Art Works to Poetry collections.

Please to feel free to look around. As you can see I write a lot, mostly about ancient history.