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My ArtWork

Digital Artwork

Mixed Media, Photographs, Photoshop, Digital editing

I have always worked with Graphics, Drawing, Taking pictures, painting, and mixing it all together to a Digital Artwork.

- Some of them

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I will design a Professional and Unique eBook Cover for $5

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Naturalistic paintings of Landscaqpes.

I only have my paintings on display here. I am a very quick painter, I think the longest took me 3 hours, and the fastest was done in 30 min. 

I had to put the painting hobby aside because I do not have room, it bugs me when I have to put things aside only because I do not have room for being this creative. 

Ain't no swinging of the brush in my room *lol

- Some of them

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Drawings, more mixed in nature.

Like with my Painting, these sketches can only be found here. I have been drawing since I could use a pen, I started out on the family walls and in the older books in our home ;) 

It took them some time to place a paper under that pen ;)

Once I had an art teacher who told me that my artistically nature seemed much like a boy... ummm... thanks...? Sometimes I do wonder what goes through a head, before a sentence is spoken..*Smiling.

- Some of them

The content of this page ranges from Travel to E-books and from Art Works to Poetry collections.

Please to feel free to look around. As you can see I write a lot, mostly about ancient history.